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Forex myths

forex myths

just keep building that small account. Live Trading Have you been able to repeat your success with your demo account for 3-6 consecutive months at least, the way it is explained in the above back test trading strategy articles? Ignoring these levels at the time of a trade would mean that the trader is taking an unnecessary risk and placing an uninformed trade. . This helps you maintain and improve your discipline, and keeps you from developing bad trading habits. You have already learned about them by following the above articles and videos. Myth: You need a lot of money to stand any chance at making money in the market. When you go to the slot machine at the Bellagio, your odds are always about the same; extremely slim. Similarly, Forex trading is not risky by itself.

Driving is not risky by itself. Truth: Trading is about not losing money, you must learn to do that if you want to make any. Forex trading is a kind of business that makes money without having to work too hard.

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If trading was as easy as installing some software on your computer and pushing the buy or sell button when the software tells you to, everyone would be a billionaire. There is no guarantee that you can always enter and exit the market at the price you want and you see on the trading platform you install on your computer: The Swiss Franc Tsunami. One of the beautiful things about price action is that it can give you good trades in trending or sideways markets. Download Our E-book For free and Don't Miss Our New Articles! Never think like this even about a demo account. Some people start trading with real forex non farm money while they dont even know the basics. I dont know how long does it take you to take all these steps. Truth: Not if you want to succeed long-term or on any level of magnitude All you need to do is read some of the Market Wizards books and you will quickly realize that most of the worlds greatest traders are not buying Forex trading robots.

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